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Kati’s expertise heals clients in various ways, from developing solid self-care practices, to gracefully moving through professional shifts, and developing healthy communication skills.

Whatever issues may arise, at the core of Kati’s heart is to remind people that they are worthy, they are enough, and to be at ease in that.




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After years of developing a rich understanding of the science behind the human psyche in Germany, Kati knew there were other holistic forms of healing that could be compounded onto her clinical background that would more fully encompass the human body, mind, and soul.


She took a risk stepping out of academia in order to devote her life to innovative ideologies of healing she knew had a greater capacity to transform.


Kati arrived in New Zealand, opened her practice where she combines Energy Medicine and Psychology, and began leading clients on life-changing, mind-altering journeys to heal, expand, & thrive.


Kati is qualified as an Intuitive Healing Facilitator, Energy Healer, Registered Psychologist, Yoga Teacher and Systemic Coach.

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Mind Your Karma offers an authentic healing space. Kati's mission as a true healer through multiple holistic offerings is rare & a gift to us all. When you attend one of Kati's events you feel truly connected to earth, sky & everything in between.

Gail Bosmann-Watene
I attended the Karma retreat with Kati and wow what a day. I came away alot lighter, more peaceful and so renewed. I have gone into my week feeling refreshed and positive and I am seeing the benefits daily. I will definitely be back in Spring to attend more.
Thank you so much Kati
Nikki Fowler
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