$525.00 USD

Authentic Steps to Emotional Wellbeing Course & 1-1 Coaching with Kati

Join this transformative journey with 'Authentic Steps to Emotional Wellbeing,' your personal guide to rediscovering inner peace and joy. 

This limited offer is more than just a course; it's deeply supported and transformational experience to help you on your journey, guide by Kati. 

Kati is just returning to work from maternity leave so has limited capacity for 1-1 clients each month, however with this beautiful program you will receive four 1-1 sessions with Kati as well as the course to support you with meditation and deeper home study. 

You will receive inside the course these  lessons will help you to:

  • Uncover the secrets of your authentic needs with newfound awareness
  •  Learn how to make choices that truly resonate with your soul. 
  • Get closer to a profound self-connection and nurtures a deep sense of self-compassion

Whether you're seeking clarity in chaos or yearning to feel more joyous and at peace, these steps are designed to guide you towards a life aligned with your truest self.

Take the step to emotional wellbeing and a more fulfilling and joyful existence.